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Welcome to The 5th Coming FREE TO PLAY MMORPG project

experimental temporary site

Started: March 8th 2010

Suspended: March 8th 2014

The T5C name is TEMPORARY, it will change once the game is finished

as well as the website address

As you can see, this website is still under construction.

The project includes 2 games (at the moment):

- T5C 2.5D (currently under development and testing) - game coded in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, graphics done in Photoshop / 3DS Max - have a look at the screenshots page for more details.

 - T5C 3D (some initial attempts were done, a demo will be available for download soon, further work postponed atm) - demo coded in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, graphics done in 3DS Max. Some of our long-time members have been sent the 3D demo directly to their e-mail addresses as per their request.

 If you wish to help test the T5C 2.5D game and help improve it by posting your suggestions / reporting bugs to get fixed, you will need to fulfill these 5 steps below:

Step 1 - Register on the T5C forums with a valid e-mail address.

You will be sent a confirmation e-mail that you need to reply to - click the confirmation link therein:

Step 2 - Verify that e-mail address by replying to the verification e-mail that will be sent to you within 24 hours (check your spam folder - if you do not receive a verification e-mail, please try use some other e-mail address for forum registration - sometimes there are problems with free e-mails like yahoo, msn, gmail, hotmail etc).

NOTE: If you use FireFox, Chrome or Opera web browsers, it is possible that you will not see the link to click inside your e-mails, you need to click REPLY to the e-mail, then inside the reply e-mail you will see the confirmation link.

Once you have activated your forum user-name, proceed to step 3.

Step 3 - Download the T5CSetup file into a folder of your choice on your PC and double-click it to start the game installation (you can uninstall it from your Control Panel or by running the uninstaller from inside your game folder). The default folder for installing the T5C game is inside your Program Files. If you wish to install it elsewhere, please make sure you do NOT INSTALL IT ON YOUR DESKTOP.

Almost done, all that you need now is to create a game account:

Step 4 - Create a user-name/account name and a password to log into the T5C game. Note: When creating a new T5C game account (which is different than your forum account), you will need a valid e-mail address that has been registered with the T5C forums, in step 1 above. Then just verify your new game account by clicking on the link sent to your e-mail.

Step 5 - Log into the T5C game - mind the caps both for the game account user-name and password, as both fileds are case-sensitive.

Have fun, help test, and post any suggestions you might have to help improve it / bugs you find so they can get exterminated asap :)

Need help / having problems with getting it to work? Contact us by clicking this link


T5C Legal Stuff - Disclaimer

By logging into this website and/or game, you agree to the following below (if you disagree, don't log in at all and save us all a lot of time/nerves):

Here it goes - as nowadays some people seem to be suing each other for the most idiotic reasons you can think of.  Silly, but unfortunately necessary, so just to play it safe:

First, you agree to abide by the rules, posted in a different section of this website, look it up before proceeding.

Second - yeah, this game is addictive, so remember, your avatar doesn't need to, but YOU need to eat, drink, sleep, work ,etc. so remember to take frequent breaks from playing. Like - take a 15 minutes break every full hour you play. If you get hooked to the game and can't stop playing - no, you may not sue us for your addiction - consider yourself warned - also feel free to contact us to get help in such a case ;)

Third - yeah, this game (just the same as any other game out there) uses some graphics / colors and alike, that can supposedly cause problems to some people's medical state. Also, it would seem that if you spend countless hours sitting in front of a computer playing a game, without going out and breathing fresh air and sleeping, eating, drinking etc, it can supposedly affect your medical state / health. If it does - again, no, you may not sue us, you have been warned - so just in case, please consult your pharmacist / physician / whoever takes care of your health / looks after you, before proceeding - also, feel free to contact us to get help in such a case ;)

There might be more requirements to playing / logging into the website, without any specific warning, so you agree to check-back often.

In case you have any kind of problems at all with this game / questions / doubts / whatever with/about this game, by logging into this website and/or game, you agree to first contact US by e-mail before doing anything else at all, including taking any other steps at all - we will do our best to reply to you asap and make your doubts go away, whatever they might be, to the best of our knowledge ;)

 If you disagree with any of the above, please log out right now and go away.  :)

 ADDITION: It has come to our attention that certain games / servers out there started copying a lot of ideas introduced in this game. Personally, honestly, we couldn't care less about copy-cats. If such poor excuses for human beings are so pathetic that they are incapable of thinking up their own ideas, we say - let them copy from the best, like they have been doing in the past already :) There are tons of other new, fresh ideas, where the ones they copied from already came from, and there always will be more new ideas - why? Because of a variety of reasons, like for one: we have a tremendous experience in playing video/computer games, since day one, back in the 1980s, when video/computer games had no graphics at all, up to today, so we most definitely know what players want / don't want, as we were/still are/always will be players ourselves; we still play every single game out there to see what's going on :) we have read a ton of fantasy books, history books, myth books... so - we won't even go into explaining the rest of the reasons, enough said - who has ears will hear, who doesn't - we feel sorry for you, but you are free to join us :D


T5C 2.5D TEST server info


T5C 2.5D host machine info:

OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP 2

CPU: Intel Core 2 DUO 2.8 GHz Processor

RAM: Standard 2 GB Memory

HD: Standard 500 Gig SATA2 Ultra Fast Hard Drive

Uptime: 99,9%


T5C 2.5D TEST server settings - not set in stone :)

-The game rating is - MATURE

- Max lvl is currently 300

- PvP starts at lvl 25

- PvP range is up to lvl 300

- If you die by a monster, you lose:

10% exp, 0% backpack items, 0% equipped items, 10% gold

- If you die by another player, you lose:

0% exp, 10% backpack items, 0% equipped items, 10% gold

- You can seraph up to 10x at the moment

 The settings are not set in stone, if players want them to change, we can discuss it in the forums :)

T5C new client information


Some of the recent newly added things include:

- Working Alt-Tab on any OS

- Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

- new music and sound effects

- an in-game storage / warehouse

- an in-game quest-log

- 5 characters per account

- a 4th island (soon 5th island)

- an option to pick your resolution:





- an in-game "radar" mini-map showing your surroundings

- a flashing "locator" on the island maps showing your current location

- your character screen shows you your elemental powers and resists

- you can see your karma points on your status screen

- you have the option to turn combat messages on or off

- you have the option to see your own name and guild

- right-clicking items shows you their bonus / malus

- right-clicking monsters shows you their level

- scrolls that increase exp gained from monsters drop in-game abundantly

- special scrolls that increase drop rates, gold gained etc.

- and much more to come soon ... :)

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